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About Us

MADE IN CLASS, SERVED WITH ELEGANCE”. Using the made to order approach, SPIINK spotlights to provide you with the most glamorous designs that fits your body type. With our outfit customisations, you can always shop according to your personal liking. 

Our Mission

A luxury fashion brand that converts your dramatical dreams into silhouettes.


Our Vision

To become a luxury fashion brand that provides its customers with the best possible dream outfit. With our made to order feature all our customers get an extra advantage to receive the outfit according to their body type.


Our Story

SPIINK is a luxury fashion brand that has a style for every story. The luxury brand SPIINK started its journey with a vision to excel in fashion industry with its extra ordinary concepts to satisfy every body type with elegant seams and threads. It offers customisations and colour options to impress its customer in every possible way.

Another unique feature of our brand is “Mom-Daughter” collection which aims to give luxury feel to all the queens and princesses around the world. 

A brand CROWNED with ROYALTY, SPIINK is looking forward to leave a glamorous impression into its customers hearts and serve elegance at your doorsteps.